Saturday, April 04, 2009

AUSTRALIA'S NEXT TOP MODEL SEASON FIVEWell, i would be the first one to admit that i am an obsessed, addict to reality shows. but there's this certain show that just gives me the right fashion dose every summer, Australia's Next Top Model.
I have been addicted and not been cured since the third season arrived. AusNTM wasn't really a good enough show before cycle 3, cycles 1 & 2 were a bit boring for me and it was not very entertaining, but let me tell you, once Miss Alice Burdeu (picture on top) showed up, I was hooked! she was a walking photo shoot for god's sake! She was the best winner of any NTM show out there without a doubt.

The promo they did on cycle 3, with my Alice:

The promo for cycle 4:

Here's a promo for Cycle 5 which will start on April 28:

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