Friday, March 27, 2009


I just finished my project, well, kind of. It's still really crappy and I definitely have to work on it. Or maybe just make a new one because of the crappiness of it. IS THAT EVEN A WORD?

here's the first glimpse(with my face on it):
Pardon the lurker face. Sorry for the webcam pictures too. As you can see, my face is still shitty due to the lack of sleep that my school work loves to give me. But if you're not distracted too much, please tell me what you think of the bow. Don't hate.Here's a close up. I added a purple ribbon in the middle just to make it look more me. The workmanship isn't great but who needs perfect? It's very primary even for my taste but I'm really proud of myself still.

THE PASTOMG. I was just innocently cleaning up my electronic dust and lo and behold, I saw thiiiiiis! So lol. This is absolutely the most horrific thing I have seen in my entire life. I can't even believe that my fingers are pressing buttons now, thus; posting this.
All I can say is everything really goes out of fashion. Well, you're exempted if you're Lagerfeld.

We could just all have a big laugh with this post. I'll actually add a new tag. COMEDY. this is just a killer.Another Past Shit.Now, I'm kind of in the skater chic look. Look at me lookin' all gangstah with the cap on. Fashion flaw, I know. But who cares?
PET EFFIN' SOCIETYBy now, everybody in the world knows facebook right? Hell, some have even dubbed facebook as FB- which bugs me a loooot. But who can blame them, facebook is fun y'all!

I am so addicted with Pet Society, I even let my classmate do some cheats so that the moolah will overflow. Pet Society is a perfect time killer, I am not joking around when I say that I played with my pet on Pet Society the whole day and did nothing substantial. I swear, it is a disease! or a gang. Once you're in, you'll never get out. haha
In fact, I am playing with cat right now, I named my pet cat because like tons of people out there, I am in looooooooove with Cat in the hat.
The movie poster.
Conrad and Sally looking so "WTF, we're in trouble".And here's cat, being abnoxious and funny as usual. oh how I would love to be a child.

My Pet Cat on the other hand is a very chic type of feline. Tons of outfit changes y'all.
Can I get a Pussy? lol
Here she is with her rock chick outfit, very past balenciaga in the hat part. On St. Patrick's day. Cat never fails to out do all of the competition.Here's cat with a Grecian goddess outfit, she's with her friend Gargita by the way. I know, lovely name. lol
and lastly, cat is just shopping around soho right now. her current look is the first picture in this post. Can you say Lindsay? Mary Kate? Aggy?

So, when i woke up this morning i felt a sudden urge to go thrift shopping. I mean, I really wanted to go right away. I can feel the brogues calling me, saying "BUY ME!" lol
After I ate breakfast I took a bath and prepared to go on this little adventure, it was an adventure because it was my first time to go on thrift shopping (in the third world) alone. I was quite scared at first honestly, but nothing can get in the way of my brogues!

And at 2 p.m. I was off!
hours passed and still there's no sign of those perfect shoes. minutes, seconds. NADA!
So, even though it's not like me, I gave up.

But no worries, I didn't come home empty handed, I got these pretty cool fabrics down the fabric store to sew on my old, worn out shirt. It will be like a little project.The black one will be like the main object in the design, the fabric is kinda hard. (i.e. it is very, very sturdy) Because I wanted to really make it come alive and like, when the fabric is too light, it will be dangling like a crazy thing, right? cross your fingers for me.
The black fabric will be covered with this white one, you know, just to add some chicness. lol
I'm so gay. It's mesh-y and very different.
Moving on..
This is the old, worn out, ragged, poor shirt that I have lying around the house. Too nasty?
I hope it wouldn't be after the makeover. Wish me luck!
tip: seventeen magazine Philippines
This was the inspiration, simple yet chic. Awesome magazine, the article was entitled "Nude Awakening". The stylist, Cindy Go, played around with the pale hue. Lots of great stuffs and psychedelic styling.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mary Kate Olsen was spotted wearing a "Bling" bib out and about in new york few weeks ago. And i think it's GREAT!
MK's got the whole homeless chic down. The baggy shirt, the unkempt hair, enormous shades and of course, the bodyguard. i love, love, love her jewelry. i'm currently going crazy over bracelets, gold ones! think lauren conrad or lindsay lohan.
Mary Kate was also spotted sporting the "poor" look in LA, she grabbed a bite and ran some errands. Always lookin' sweet MK.

just so pretty.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Pierrre Balmain would be proud, really proud.
The new collection of Balmain rocks these exaggerated shoulders. It has a very rock 'n roll feel to it, with all the colors and textures. but it is still super chic and very Balmain at that.

top: borrowed from a friend, pants: borrowed from a friend, bag: thrifted, shoes: borrowed from a friend, bangles: borrowed from a friend

this outfit was the outcome of my stupidity. i.e. i did'nt bring any clothes for partying.
i just borrowed stuffs from my friend (thank God for her, right) and i think i look quite decent actually. lol
obviously, the clothes that i was wearing were girl clothes. it's not like i have any choice though.
still love it.

don't hate.

Cancer has been a life-altering disease for the past years, it has destroyed lives of innocent people. that's why i'm posting a badge on my blog that would represent my willingness to give hope to cancer patients, especially the children.
Post one on your site too, let's help the ordeal of the world.

better yet, visit thir site:

Carolina is a twenty one-ish stylist that blogs about her outfits and some fashion thingies. i am soo addicted to her blog, she has like the most simple yet fab outfits. i am totally in love. when i grow up, i want to be just like CE.

some of her outfits posts:

One slender fashion machine.
P.P.S.S. the header in this site came from Carolina's blog, i would just like to acknowledge that:)