Sunday, April 12, 2009


I'm kind of weird today, I have been in a French Song rush-not that French songs are weird. They're quite beautiful, actually. It's just weird because I don't effin' understand a word!

but they are just so good to listen to. makes me want to fall in love. lol

here's one that my ears really love. it's by Edith Piaf, whoever she is/was, she's really good!

This is my first ever beauty post and Lord Jesus! I am in a serious make up situation these past few days, maybe it's because of the hiatus, maybe it's just me. WHATEVER. Anyways, I have been really addicted to make up and finding the right one for me these days, I have been checking youtube non-stop too! ( for like make up reviews and stuff ) and that's basically all I do since school is still out here in the Phils.

Ive been wanting to find the right Lipstick and the right foundation-but that really should be another new post! To the LIPSTICK, I really love the coral and even salmon-y hues, they just look so fresh and "normal", whatever normal is. lol I actually went to to scour a little. and found these fab finds:

MAC Lipstick Lustre in Jest.

Helena Rubinstein wanted rouge in Candy Love.

MAC Glaze in Flash-N-Dash, which I guess is discontinued since it is no longer in the MAC website.
and the Lancome rouge magnetic in Dangerous, something is really off in this image because when you look at the actual pigment of the lipSTICK it is quite Peachy-Pinky but the swatch is like ssooooooooo Plum, I really find the confusing and difficult.
Magdalena Frackowiak was on the April issue of Chinese Vogue, the editorial is really something, the HAUTE COUTURE and balloons tandem is just so fresh and modern that this spread feels to me like one the best ones that I have seen in a while. Frankly, I have never heard of Chinese Vogue, er, I didn't even know it existed. Well, big claps to the Chinese for the awesome, awesome editorial and styling.


Don't you just love how Magdalena looks so doll-ish in these pics?
Killer Spread.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I WAS WONDERING...I am desperately seeking a very perfect Kabuki Brush and I think I have just found it. The only problem is I live in the Philippines. We kinda don't have POSH items here and if someone out there knows where I could find one, please do tell me. Because I'm in need of such. Look at how the Kabuki for God's sake. It is heaven.

Or send me one:)

Monday, April 06, 2009

Jessica Stroup grazed the carpet once again but now, it's for a good cause. She, and so should all of us, is a part of the Origins Recycle thingy. Product users throughout America could go to their Origins store and bring empty bottles, cans, etc. for recycling.
Come on America, if i was a citizen, i would definitely go and i would absolutely spread the word. YES TO RECYCLE.
Heidi Klum was spotted on Beverly Hills last thursday shooting for German Vogue, a cover perhaps?

The supermodel was wearing a cousin it like dress but i mean that in the best way possible. I think she looks one hell of a supermodel and the eclectic combination of the black dress with the radio bag and fresh face make up is MAHJOR! What do you think about her ensemble? Tell me what you think.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

AUSTRALIA'S NEXT TOP MODEL SEASON FIVEWell, i would be the first one to admit that i am an obsessed, addict to reality shows. but there's this certain show that just gives me the right fashion dose every summer, Australia's Next Top Model.
I have been addicted and not been cured since the third season arrived. AusNTM wasn't really a good enough show before cycle 3, cycles 1 & 2 were a bit boring for me and it was not very entertaining, but let me tell you, once Miss Alice Burdeu (picture on top) showed up, I was hooked! she was a walking photo shoot for god's sake! She was the best winner of any NTM show out there without a doubt.

The promo they did on cycle 3, with my Alice:

The promo for cycle 4:

Here's a promo for Cycle 5 which will start on April 28:
CHLOE GUGGENHEIMFabulous shoes, you know Jane Aldridge, her mom was actually a model and well, style really runs in their blood. fabulous picks with the shoes Jane's mom, i'm sorry for forgetting your name:)

and here she is with those Chloe's:
JUST CAVALLISomeone please help me get a hold of this thing!
The scent of this little thing is like the most magical thing i have ever smelled in my entire life.
i absolutely want this to be my signature scent. i ran out of this perfume years ago and all i have left is the body wash thingy.

and sadly, i can't get this in my area. keep in mind people that i live in the freakin third world! and i'm not close to any metropolis. like manila or something. So please, if you want to make me happy. SEND some love. lol
Georgia May Jagger is the youngest daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall.
Girl, with those lips and gap tooth, you will go places. and i mean FAAAAAR places betch!


i know i have been a little slow with the updates, and this entry is kind of, err, so late of me.
i give you the most "easy on the eyes" collection in the world. Gaspard Yurkievich has not really catch my attention before but when he showed up with the Spring 09 collection last year, I was floored, totally face on the floor floored! the collection is just genius, it is my FAVORITE!

here are some looks that i love:i love how he played with the headbands and the socks that were worn like shoes. the baggy shirts tucked in skinny trousers are just a perfect tandem made in heaven. the collection is to die for.

and here's the mastermind himself. tip: