Sunday, April 12, 2009


This is my first ever beauty post and Lord Jesus! I am in a serious make up situation these past few days, maybe it's because of the hiatus, maybe it's just me. WHATEVER. Anyways, I have been really addicted to make up and finding the right one for me these days, I have been checking youtube non-stop too! ( for like make up reviews and stuff ) and that's basically all I do since school is still out here in the Phils.

Ive been wanting to find the right Lipstick and the right foundation-but that really should be another new post! To the LIPSTICK, I really love the coral and even salmon-y hues, they just look so fresh and "normal", whatever normal is. lol I actually went to to scour a little. and found these fab finds:

MAC Lipstick Lustre in Jest.

Helena Rubinstein wanted rouge in Candy Love.

MAC Glaze in Flash-N-Dash, which I guess is discontinued since it is no longer in the MAC website.
and the Lancome rouge magnetic in Dangerous, something is really off in this image because when you look at the actual pigment of the lipSTICK it is quite Peachy-Pinky but the swatch is like ssooooooooo Plum, I really find the confusing and difficult.

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