Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mary Kate Olsen was spotted wearing a "Bling" bib out and about in new york few weeks ago. And i think it's GREAT!
MK's got the whole homeless chic down. The baggy shirt, the unkempt hair, enormous shades and of course, the bodyguard. i love, love, love her jewelry. i'm currently going crazy over bracelets, gold ones! think lauren conrad or lindsay lohan.
Mary Kate was also spotted sporting the "poor" look in LA, she grabbed a bite and ran some errands. Always lookin' sweet MK.

just so pretty.


Zaina said...

i love marykates and ashleys,though their fashion is sometimes questionable, as they clearly are swimming in money, although not particuarly fond of their fashion, i think they have cute as pie faces :)

Patrick Ayco said...

their fashion is uber eclectic but great. but i guess, everyon's entitled to their own opinion. :)